ALC demonstration

This page is intended to showcase the capabilities of the ALC algorithm for audio scene analysis.Please choose a file to upload to the server for analysis (transfer may take some time), the click the "Run Analysis" button below.

Visualization: the top display shows the uploaded wave file, with color reflecting the spectral content. Once the analysis is complete, the following levels of display shows blocks corresponding to the objects produced at each level of the analysis, the top one cooresponding to the highest (last) analysis level, and the bottom one to the lowest (first) analysis level. The colors of the blocks reflect their clustering by spectral similarity.

Display customization: the "Change color scheme" button will assign a different random color palette to the representation, while the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons let you adjust the level of temporal detail.

System tuning: for each level, the system can be tuned using the following parameters:

After adjusting the parameters, click once again on "Run analysis".

Uploading file and computing transform, please wait... Uploading file and computing transform, please wait... Error transmitting data: {{errorMessage}} Please try again.
Level {{$index+1}} Balance 1 : Spectral Structural Balance 2 : Similarity Continuity Nb classes V use DTW H use DTW Cut: at min at max before max