AASP challenge sample contribution page

On this page, you can submit samples to be used in the creation of synthetic training and test scenes for the "Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events" AASP challenge.

All contributions made here will be made available under a Creative Commons "by NC" license, and we will give credit to you.

Please follow the instructions below to complete your submission, and thank you for your interest!

First, click on a class label below to choose what kind of sample you wish to submit.

Note that for each scene type, a "background" category is there for all samples of "background noise" than can appear in the specified context.

Click this button to change the ordering criterion between alphabetic and number of samples:

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Now, please complete the form below to submit your contribution. We only require a name so we can give proper credit, and will never publish your e-mail address: if you choose to give it, we only intend to keep it in case we need to contact you for additional information concerning your submission.

If your sample is already online, you can choose to give an URL here instead of uploading the file. If you have already submitted it to the Freesound database, you may give either the URL where the sound is presented, or its numerical ID.

If you possess multiple similar recordings of a same type of sound (for example, several footstep sounds in sequence), the preferred way of submitting them is as one audio file containing all examples.

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